Keep the Inspection’s Approval Process Going with Seamless Construction Software

Keep the Inspection’s Approval Process Going with Seamless Construction Software

Keep the Inspection’s Approval Process Going with Seamless Construction Software

Posted on January 23, 2023

Keep the Inspection’s Approval Process Going with Seamless Construction Software

It’s no secret that inspectors can be sticklers about little details. You need to make sure that you have everything ready to go and at your fingertips when it comes to inspections so that the process runs smoothly.

A poor inspection can set you back days, weeks, and even months whilst trying to remedy the issue. Don’t let that happen. Fund Control’s construction software enables you to have the applications ready at any moment to provide any information required.

Make sure that you have everything you need for an inspection, call 800-625-5972 today to speak with a Fund Control specialist and discover why we’ve been an award-winning risk mitigation company since 1994. Feel free to also request a free demo online and see the software in action for yourself.

Continue reading to learn more about how Fund Control can help the inspection process and other aspects of the job.

The Inspection Process Simplified

Requesting, recording, and managing job site inspections has never been as simple. Fund Control provides the tools and functions to request inspections as well as record them. This includes all pictures and other documents to support the inspection.

These inspections are crucial and can drive the approval process, or just simply act as a compliance guide. Easily send PDFs, MS Excel sheets, and even XML files for inspectors to utilize. This tool greatly benefits all parties involved.

Other Ways Fund Control Can Help

Simplifying the inspection process is very important, but we don’t simply stop there. With our vast experience, we’ve identified the most important aspects that we felt could be done more effectively. Below is a list of the other services we also provide:

  • Contacts – Keep your leads, borrowers, and contractors organized in one place. You can also, maintain contractor and broker licensing requirements while managing your borrower relations.
  • Communications – Generation and tracking of all your letters, memos, notes, and letter of transmittals. Further, utilize predefined text elements and documents to standardize correspondence.
  • Borrowers – Keep a record of all financial transactions regarding the borrower. Utilize tracking of Vouchers and/or draw requests, verifying that all requests comply with institution policies; creation of disbursement checks and/or transfer forms; and recording borrower pay-downs to manage revolving lines of credit.
  • Reporting – Have dashboards that show risk assessments, cash flows, and percentages of types of loans.
  • Regulatory Requirements – Our customizable fund control software makes it easy to set up and administer specialty loans, documenting compliance with relevant FHA standards each step of the way.
  • Concentration & Stress Testing – With built-in Stress Testing, build unlimited portfolio stress scenarios. Create your own sources of stress; configure the formulas that you would like to use; select the loans that are to be stressed; and then run the test and see the effect on your portfolio over time.
  • Loans – Know all things about a loan, from locations to dates to the players involved and their financial position.
  • Budgets – Create and Maintain all original budgets and any budget changes. Create budgets from templates, spreadsheets, or by manual entry.

Try Fund Control Today

With technology being as prevalent as ever in the construction industry, why not take advantage of it? Fund Control has been specifically designed to cater to your every need. Give us a call at 800-625-5972 to discover all of the different ways we can help.