Comprehensive Banking Software

Comprehensive Banking Software

Our Comprehensive Banking Software can revolutionize the way you do business

Every construction company wishes they could lower costs while improving efficiency but this seems like nothing more than a hoop dream. At Fund Control, we are here to tell you that it is possible. Our Comprehensive Banking Software makes it easy for you to service loans, get instant shots of performance, and enter all information into just a single database. Keep reading for more information and then contact us at 800-625-5972 or for a free online demonstration.

Saving time is worth an investment

We work with many lenders who have found individualized solutions to each of their needs. They have found a software that helps with disbursement checks and pay downs, or software that helps with transfer forms and contracts. The key though is to find one solution that can do it all. That is what you have found in Comprehensive Banking Software. It allows you to track communication, leads, contacts, contracts, schedules, original budgets, changes to budgets, detailed inspection reports, everything we listed above, and a lot more.

Errors are not necessary and we can help you avoid them

Another reason that our software is going to change the way you do business is that it can significantly increase the accuracy of your administrative activities. It links accounting activities directly to your bank end system, which means that draw requests, pay downs, disbursements, etc. are all completed with data straight from the fund control system. There is no concern about there being a disconnect between systems, which can result in errors including payments sent to the wrong place or being recorded against the wrong account.

Work from anywhere and have total access to the information you need

In today’s day and age, there is no exciting for a Comprehensive Banking Software that does not allow you to use it from anywhere you happen to be. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on vacation in Tahiti, you should have access to everything and that is what we can offer. You can keep your eye on everything from entire loan sectors to entire loan portfolios and of course individual accounts. Utilize our dynamic dashboard to get instant access to data and to run customized, detailed reports and stress tests.

Contact us now to learn about 800+ possible customizations

When we were creating our Comprehensive Banking Software, we knew that we needed something that would be customizable for a wide range of folks. This is why we have more than 800 potential settings. We can also adjust these for you depending on your needs. To find out more just reach out to Fund Control at 800-625-5972 or We are happy to offer a free online demo so you can see our products in action.