Web Based Construction Loan Software

Web Based Construction Loan Software

Our Web Based Construction Loan Software can revolutionize the way you do business

Have you been wishing for an easier, faster way to administer loan accounts? Do you wish you could ensure accuracy while improving efficiency? If so, our Web Based Construction Loan Software is just what you have been looking for. Our cloud-based online software suite is easy to use for even the newest user, can be configured for your exact requirements, and can service regular and streamlined FHA 203K loans. Ready to learn more? Keep reading and then contact Fund Control at 800-625-5972 or info@eclsoftware.com to get started.

You will be amazed at the time you can save

It is common for lenders to have worked to create or find solutions to a variety of fund control needs. The key to Web Based Construction Loan Software is that we have found a solution that meets all your needs. Do you want to create a track communication? Our software allows that. Do you need to store contact information and leads? We have you covered. From creating to changing schedules, from original budget creation to amending budgets, we can help you store detailed inspection reports and much more.

Reduce error output while increasing efficiency

No company wants errors but in the world of construction lending, even a small mistake can cost millions. We understand this, which is why we have taken special steps to help you avoid the most common errors. Our Web Based Construction Loan Software allows you to enter information in once yet have it populated throughout a variety of file-related content. This can significantly reduce not just redundancy but error rates too.

Work from anywhere and have total access to the information you need

In today’s day and age, there is no exciting for a Web Based Construction Loan Software that does not allow you to use it from anywhere you happen to be. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on vacation in Tahiti, you should have access to everything and that is what we can offer. You can keep your eye on everything from entire loan sectors to entire loan portfolios and of course individual accounts. Utilize our dynamic dashboard to get instant access to data and to run customized, detailed reports and stress tests.

Turn to the leader in Web Based Construction Loan Software

When you choose this product, you are choosing to work with a company that has a long, successful, and well-respected history of creating software that’s user-friendly and meets the needs of all types of lenders in every specific niche market. We believe that no one should have to adapt to their software – rather their software should adapt to them. We have upwards of 800 settings within our software that can be adjusted, turned on, turned off, or otherwise changed to meet your exact needs. Contact Fund Control at 800-625-5972 or info@eclsoftware.com to learn more about Web Based Construction Loan Software.