Tired of Keeping Track of Complicated Budgets & Loans at Your Bank?

Tired of Keeping Track of Complicated Budgets & Loans at Your Bank?

Tired of Keeping Track of Complicated Budgets & Loans at Your Bank?

Posted on October 12, 2022

Tired of Keeping Track of Complicated Budgets & Loans at Your Bank?

The necessity to have every detail 100% accurate at any banking institution is a daunting task. There are many varying factors that can easily complicate even the simplest of responsibilities. It is crucial that you utilize every possible tool given to you to ensure the information you have is protected and accurate.

With Fund Control, you can minimize the chance of losing sight of your bank’s many loans and budgets. Continue reading to learn more or call us at 800-625-5972 to speak to a specialist. You can also request to try our free demo.

Budgeting Made Easy

If a budget is not properly kept track of, it can throw off every other aspect of your bank. With Fund Control, you have the ability to create and maintain all original budgets and any budget changes. You can create budgets from templates, spreadsheets, or by manual entry. Neatly identify special budget line items by categories, interest reserves, and/or special reporting options.

Proper Loan Management

You do not want to mismanage a loan. There can be consequences to your bank that would be detrimental to your business. For example, in some cases of mismanaged loans, civil lawsuits have taken place. With Fund Control, that will not happen. You will know all things about a loan, from locations to dates, to the players involved and its financial position. You can maintain and create vouchers, legal notices, and notification letters when needed. Also, track sub-notes and their budgets as well as detailed inspections with pictures.

Additional Key Fund Control Benefits

Being able to keep track of all your budgets and loans is integral to a bank. But it is part of an even larger system that thrives off efficiency. We also provide these easy-to-use services to help:

  • Contacts – Keep your leads, borrowers, and contractors organized in one place. You can also, maintain contractor and broker licensing requirements while managing your borrower relations.
  • Communications – Generation and tracking of all your letters, memos, notes, and letter of transmittals. Further, utilize predefined text elements and documents to standardize correspondence.
  • Borrowers – Keep a record of all financial transactions regarding the borrower. Utilize tracking of Vouchers and/or draw requests, verifying that all requests comply with institution policies; creation of disbursement checks and/or transfer forms; and recording borrower pay-downs to manage revolving lines of credit.
  • Reporting – Have dashboards that show risk assessments, cash flows, and percentages of types of loans.
  • Inspections – Provides the tools and functions to request inspections as well as record them, including pictures and other documents.
  • Regulatory Requirements – Our customizable fund control software makes it easy to set up and administer specialty loans, documenting compliance with relevant FHA standards each step of the way.
  • Concentration & Stress Testing – With the built-in Stress Testing, build unlimited portfolio stress scenarios. Create your own sources of stress; configure the formulas that you would like to use; select the loans that are to be stressed, and then run the test and see the effect on your portfolio over time.

Check out our Features page to learn more about what we can provide your bank.

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